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caribArt sponsors prizes at Carivog International Pageant...

On Saturday 28th July, 2018 caribArt joined Carivog International at the Ms. T & T Pageant UK Gala Dinner as sponsor. This event not only showcased the beauty of Caribbean people but also included a segment that tested the audience's knowledge of their Caribbean islands. In attendance were cultural ambassadors and icons who have made an indelible mark on the British community through their amazing talent and activism which have helped to open doors for Caribbean nationals in this part of the world. Something magical happens when Caribbean people come together and the caribArt project continues to support the unity of Caribbean people as we share the cultural heritage of each Caribbean island through the artwork of Caribbean artists.


Tea & Conversation at the Mayor's Parlour, Croydon...

The caribArt My Sugar Island Exhibition held at the High Commission of Trinidad & Tobago, London made such a lasting and positive impression on the Worshipful Mayor of Croydon Councillor Bernadette Khan that we were invited to tea and conversation at the Mayor's Parlour, Croydon Town Hall on 25th July 2018. Artist Salina Jane and I were pleasantly surprised with Councillor Khan's diverse family background and very pleased with her refreshing stance on the importance of promoting and celebrating inclusion and diversity in London's largest borough especially for the benefit of the youth who are experiencing a cultural disconnect from their ancestral homes. The caribArt project aims to close this gap and therefore we are pleased to be working with the The Worshipful Mayor and Croydon Councils Creative Director , Paula Murray to deliver greater opportunities for the community of the London Borough of Croydon to experience the authentic cultural heritage of the Caribbean through the products and activities of the caribArt Project.


caribArt at Paddington Arts, Kensington and Chelsea...

Carnival is a very important part of Caribbean culture and can be traced back to the days of African slavery. It was used as a form of expression for enslaved Africans who used the occasion to express traditional practices of parading through villages wearing masks, feathers, walking on stilts, beating drums and stick fighting. The observance of traditional cultural practices were generally suppressed by the colonisers. Some costumes such as the Dame Lorraine mocked the plantocracy and gave the enslaved something to look forward to every year just before the catholic period of lent. Today the costumes are more vibrant in colour and the Caribbean carnival has become a festival enjoyed by many throughout the world.

In 1948 workers from Trinidad, Jamaica, St Lucia and other Caribbean islands were encouraged to come to the UK because the second World War had badly affected the economy and so 500 workers from the Caribbean arrived on the SS Empire Windrush. Integration issues between Caribbean British workers from the West Indies and local British residents sparked a race war. The Notting Hill Carnival was born out of a need to ease social tension. Today Windrush has remained a powerful symbol for the resilience of Caribbean immigrants and Carnival a cultural form of social expression for the masses. The Notting Hill Carnival is now the largest street party in Europe!

The caribArt Project supports carnival as a symbolic part of Caribbean cultural heritage and has featured in it's original collection Carnival characters such as the Moko Jumbie, Jab Jab and Masquerade.


caribArt at the High Commission of St Lucia, London...

On Friday 6th July the High Commission of St Lucia opened it's doors after hours to the public by showcasing commercial products made in St Lucia. It was a privilege meeting face to face with His Excellency Guy Mayers, High Commissioner of St Lucia. It was even more of a surprise to learn that my family member, former Prime Minister of Barbados Lloyd Erskine Sandiford (1987-1994), served as a mentor to H.E. Guy Mayers upon his entry into politics. I learned that the youngest brother of my great-grandfather, Joseph Sandiford was the only politician on the island of Barbados at that time promoting conversations on Caribbean regional unity. The caribArt Project vision is 'artists for one Caribbean' and it's amazing how things have come full circle.

I am encouraged by His Excellency Mayers identification with the vision of the caribArt project and do look forward to working with St Lucia as we forward the regional cause.


caribArt at Liberty Radio, Finsbury Park, London ...

It's been a busy few weeks since the caribArt My Sugar Island Exhibition at the High Commission of Trinidad and Tobago. We were pleased to receive an invitation to Liberty Radio's Morning Show with Robert Ashitey where we shared the vision and background of the caribArt project with millions of listeners around the world. The project was well received by listeners who joined the conversation from various parts of the world. You can see part of the interview here and if you like what the caribArt Project is doing please subscribe and like our page.


caribArt at Hilton Bankside Hotel Conference...

The work of the caribArt Project has caught the attention of various stakeholders globally. We were given a personal invitation to the the Hilton Conference event at Hilton London Bankside shortly after our grand exhibition at the High Commission of Trinidad & Tobago, London. It was a wonderful opportunity that we embraced where we could share what the caribArt Project has to offer to Hilton's around the world. Stay tuned for updates on this post.


caribArt at Imbibe Live, Olympia London...

The production of Rum is a direct by-product of the Sugar Industry of which the Caribbean region can closely identify. For the first time in the history of the Imbibe event there was a Caribbean Drinks Pavilion organised by David Roberts of CaribDirect Multi Media Online Company. Although it was a bit late for caribArt to get in on this event we are definitely looking at having a presence next year! Kudos to David Roberts of Guyana for his vision on Caribbean Regional Unity.


If you appreciate the work we are doing to immortalise Caribbean cultural heritage through art and share it with the rest of the world please consider a small donation to help us continue. Thank you so much!

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