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Nasha Bradshaw for Jamaica at the caribArt Exhibition, LONDON 2018

Nasha Bradshaw, Jamaica

The caribArt Project is proud to introduce Jamaican artist Nasha Bradshaw.

Nasha was born in Clarendon Jamaica but currently resides in London, UK. He took an interest in art from a very young age and drew his first piece at the tender age of four. He was known locally as 'the artist' growing up. Nasha later studied art at Holmwood Technical in Jamaica, but is mostly self-taught. He had his first exhibition at the Art Centre in Mandeville Jamaica during his high school years.

His tranquil upbringing in rural Jamaica and his current interest in the Rastafarian culture has always heavily influenced his work. The intention of his art is to invoke multiple emotions within the viewer.

Nasha is extremely proud of his African Ancestry. He celebrates and has a profound appreciation for female beauty and tries to showcase those who are mostly under represented within mainstream media and whose beauty is rarely celebrated. Nasha's work tries to capture the beauty and lost African cultural heritage in the Caribbean, and also the natural beauty of his country and region. He creates using a variety of media but prefers acrylic on canvas and pencil on paper. He is very explorative in his use of mediums and is always trying to create pieces that are as real as possible using textures and colours that create a 3D effect. ‎

Nasha enjoys using bright colours and his main purpose for this is to always create an element of happiness regardless the subject matter. When asked about his thoughts on the caribArt platform created by Tricia Trotman-Maraj this is what he had to say:

"The history of the Caribbean and it's impact on global issues are often overlooked or forgotten. My art aims to keep a positive light shining on this small area which has had such a big global impact. I feel very privileged to be a part of the caribArt platform, it's refreshing to find a platform that supports the type of art that I create. I am very passionate about the Caribbean and it's rich culture and excited to be a part of the caribArt My Sugar Island Exhibition."

Come out and see the work of this Jamaican artist! Do subscribe to get the latest updates as we approach our grand exhibition 25th - 28th June, LONDON 2018 REGISTER TODAY WHILE THERE IS STILL SPACE!

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