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Art as Jewellery Design -Thalia-Mae Nero for Trinidad & Tobago

Thalia-Mae Nero, Trinidad & Tobago

The caribArt platform presents jewellery designer Thalia-Mae Nero who was born and raised in Trinidad where from a very young age, she was inspired by the creativity and diversity of the culture of the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Growing up in a multicultural society, Thalia would often participate in cultural celebrations particularly Carnival where she was an avid masquerader for many years.

Whilst her career spans over 15 years in Further and Higher Education at organisations both in Trinidad and Tobago and London, Thalia recognised her creative side and in 2011 enrolled in a short course on Handbag Design at the London College of Fashion to hone her craft. By 2015, she began designing fabric-based jewellery to complement her handbags.

Her passion for all things Caribbean mixed with her predominant East Indian and African heritage began to come alive in her work as she found herself drawn to the use of African prints, batiks, saris and fabrics by designers of Caribbean heritage.

The vibrant colours and the creative artworks found in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean continue to be a huge inspiration for her choice of fabrics and designs on her unique handmade pieces.

Living in London with her family, Thalia continues to develop her creative side and finds comfort in creating fabric-based jewellery and accessories for her online business 'TMBoutique'.

When asked about her thoughts on the caribArt Project Platform this is what Thalia-Mae had to say,

“At first, I had doubts about joining the caribArt Project, as I thought it to be a platform only for traditional artists such as those who practice one of the fine arts, especially painters. However, after speaking to the founder, Tricia Trotman-Maraj, I realised how diverse the project platform is, allowing Caribbean artisans, crafters and other persons skilled in applied arts to proudly and creatively showcase their Caribbean cultural heritage.

A huge 'Thank you!' to the caribArt project for providing a great opportunity for Caribbean artists and designers to be introduced to the Rest of the World.”

To see more from TMBoutique REGISTER HERE for The caribArt Exhibition - My Sugar Island, LONDON 2018

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