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Beauty for Ashes - The West Indian Sugarcane Fields

sugar cane

Piece titled, ' Beauty for Ashes' by Tricia Trotman Maraj Size 120 cm × 100 cm Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

This piece represents what is called ' burbon cane' ( sugarcane) in Trinidad and Tobago. Its juicy, and soft, and sweet! But in my island, and like all other islands in the Caribbean, sugarcane was the main reason for the existence of the African slave trade. Many lives were brutally taken for hundreds of years and their toil feed the economies of colonial masters. The blood, sweat and tears of generations of African slaves, and later on Indian indentured labourers, nourished the soil of cane-fields and enriched a few in distant lands. From the ashes of ancestors arose generations of beautiful people of various shades and features. It is the thing that distinguishes the Caribbean from every other part of the world. Today WE celebrate beauty from the ashes of our ancestors.

Enjoy my piece, ' Beauty for Ashes'.

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