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Curry Crab and Dumpling Anyone?

Piece titled: Man Crab

Size: 120 x 100 cm

Artist: Trotman-Maraj

Medium: Acrylic and textured medium on canvas

This blue crab is a delicacy on my island. They taste good in callalloo ( a type of green leafy green soup with coconut milk and plenty ochro) and even better curried and served on top of piping hot coconut dumplings - a treat on the white sandy beach of Store Bay, Tobago. I heard that they even cook it in breadfruit oil down in Grenada. Despite the succulent and tasty bits of meat you can suck out of their slender legs catching these crabs can be quite tricky, and even dangerous as they like to live in the mangrove swamps or other muddy areas near the sea. If you aren't a skilled crab catcher I wouldn't advise that you try to hold these guys since they can easily pinch off one of your fingers.If you want to know the secret of catching them then you would have to wait until there is a bright, full moon in the sky, and take a drive down to Manzanilla Beach, Trinidad and simply scoop them up off the road where they assemble by the thousands. A simple flash light works well to blind them and makes it safe for you to catch them. They are quite expensive when brought to market and muy delicioso in the mouth.....Enjoy my piece, ' Man Crab'.

You can get a canvas print of any of the lovely pieces in The caribArt collections from our Print Store. If you are interested in buying an original piece do Contact Us for a quote.


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