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The Story Behind the 'Mataborro'


Piece titled: Mataborro ( Man Killer)

Size: 61 x 92 cm

Artist: Tricia Trotman-Maraj

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

The red fig (banana) or Mataborro as it is called in Trinidad & Tobago is a sweet fig (you call them bananas). However, it has a very bad reputation with the men who operate bush-rum distilleries deep in the forest and far from law enforcement. The story goes that many hav

e literally dropped dead after consuming babash ( bush rum) with these figs in the blistering tropical sun. Something about this combination kills and as a result of this banana is called Mataborro or man killer. Presently if you want to find this tree you would have to go into the deep countryside or tropical rain-forest where the older folks still grow and eat them. The younger generations are simply too afraid. I personally have had them and they are good! The bush rum, on the other hand, felt like acid burning away at the back of my throat, but as the old people say, ' its good for the worms'. Share the blog. I would love to learn more about other Caribbean foods that are muy dangerous :)

You can get a canvas print of any of the lovely pieces in The caribArt collections from our Print Store. If you are interested in buying an original piece do Contact Us for a quote.


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