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Project management software We provide a project management software for construction enterprises. The main purpose is to carry out all-round information and communication, data sharing, visualization, as well as paperless management of construction projects of any size and complexity. In order to utilize the efficient, reliable, and reliable software, as well as to reduce downtime and improve the efficiency of the enterprise, the project management software can be used in the following ways: Project and construction management Pre and post-construction design management Multidisciplinary design and construction management Budget control and subcontract management Material requirements analysis  Project and enterprise visualization See also Construction management Construction software Construction management software Construction planning Conversion engineering Virtual Building References Category:Construction Category:Building engineeringQ: How to convert string into string array? I have an ASP.NET MVC model as below: public class CatTable { [Key] public string catId { get; set; } public string name { get; set; } public string category { get; set; } public string details { get; set; } } In my razor, I want to do something like: @Model.category Which will return me a string, not an array of strings. How do I make it? A: If you want to get a string[] of the category property you could cast it to an array of strings. The cast can look like this: (string[])@Model.category




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