Morris Thompson Portraiture & Caricature Specialists and Son of a Stone Mason Stands for Jamaic

The caribArt platform embraces Morris Thompson the artist as he makes a bold step representing the birthplace of his parents at the caribArt Exhibition London 2018. As a child Morris had heard so many stories about this Jamaica his parents still called home although they had been living in the United Kingdom for many years. His father was born in St. Annes and fell in love with a pretty-pretty island girl from Clarendon who had big dreams for her future. The couple eventually migrated to the UK where Morris' Dad worked as a stone mason, shoe maker & crafts man and his mother a nurse and seamstress in her spare time. The fondest memories of Morris' childhood are the stories and jokes his fa

A Love Letter to Dominica -Yasmin Nicholas Emerging Artist at the caribArt Exhibition LONDON 2018

Dear Dominica, Nou ké kontiné lévé. You are finding yourself again. Broken roots reconnecting, Regal earth, your seeds collecting. The sisserou still perched. Restitching your path home, Hope is still searched. Your flowers throw kisses in the morning, The sun greets the land with it’s warmth. Your leaves re-sown to it’s stem, The green is growing back its gems. The mango, banana and breadfruit trees, They all sing back in symphony. Now the children are back to steal what’s there, The old lady is back in her rocking chair. Dominica, Dominica, need I write you a prayer, I thank God for your existence, As the love that holds there. Yasmin Nicholas, Copyright 2018 Born in 1994, Yasmin Nicholas

Award Winning Artist Jean Taylor for the Turks & Caicos Islands at the caribArt Exhibition, LOND

The Turks and Caicos Islands are a unique necklace of 40 low lying islands and cays, with only 8 of the islands being inhabited by people. It is the home of multi award-winning artist Jean Taylor. Jean Taylor was born in Freeport, Grand Bahama to Mrs. Louise and Christopher Gardiner from Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands. Her parents had decided to return to their home country after living in The Bahamas for many years. It was there that Jean became captivated by the beauty of Grand Turk, the nation's capital. It was a place where roosters, chickens, donkeys and goats would stroll graciously along the dirt roads that were covered with salt that would glitter like diamonds in the midday su

Nasha Bradshaw for Jamaica at the caribArt Exhibition, LONDON 2018

The caribArt Project is proud to introduce Jamaican artist Nasha Bradshaw. Nasha was born in Clarendon Jamaica but currently resides in London, UK. He took an interest in art from a very young age and drew his first piece at the tender age of four. He was known locally as 'the artist' growing up. Nasha later studied art at Holmwood Technical in Jamaica, but is mostly self-taught. He had his first exhibition at the Art Centre in Mandeville Jamaica during his high school years. His tranquil upbringing in rural Jamaica and his current interest in the Rastafarian culture has always heavily influenced his work. The intention of his art is to invoke multiple emotions within the viewer. Nasha is

Art as Jewellery Design -Thalia-Mae Nero for Trinidad & Tobago

The caribArt platform presents jewellery designer Thalia-Mae Nero who was born and raised in Trinidad where from a very young age, she was inspired by the creativity and diversity of the culture of the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Growing up in a multicultural society, Thalia would often participate in cultural celebrations particularly Carnival where she was an avid masquerader for many years. Whilst her career spans over 15 years in Further and Higher Education at organisations both in Trinidad and Tobago and London, Thalia recognised her creative side and in 2011 enrolled in a short course on Handbag Design at the London College of Fashion to hone her craft. By 2015, she b

Artist Salina Jane for Guyana at the caribArt Exhibition, LONDON 2018

The caribArt Project warmly welcomes artist Salina Jane who will be representing Guyana at the caribArt Exhibition - My Sugar Island in June 2018 at the High Commission of Trinidad & Tobago. When asked about her motivation for joining the caribArt platform this is what Salina Jane had to say, “I am on a journey, one in which I hope to discover what moving across continents would have been like for my great grandparents, and others on a similar path. What hopes prompted these great moves, what were their hardships and successes? Both my parents are Guyanese, as were their parents, my Great Grandparents were Indentured labourers who came from India. It’s a story not well known in the UK, it

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